November 10, 2008

The Three Queens of Oversized Sunglasses

Over the past few years, oversized sunglasses have become the single largest and most popular trend in the fashion industry. Oversized sunglasses no longer represent individuals living in the past; they represent in-style women of the 21st century. Hollywood celebrities have highly contributed to the recent popularity of these 1970's inspired accessories. Hundreds of celebrities have chosen to hide behind the lenses of these oversized frames. While the style is highly suitable for some women, others are taking the trend too far. Some of Hollywood's famous females are choosing to go big with their accessories.
Hollywood is dominated by stylish celebrities looking for attention. Here are our top 3 choices when it comes to the Hollywood queens of oversized sunglasses:
Nicole Richie - Nicole Richie is one of the most notable stars prone to wearing oversized sunglasses. Her face, which is considered a smaller size compared to average face sizes, looks even smaller when half hidden by these overtly large accessories. Nicole Richie is famous for her oversized sunglasses and continues to wear the largest sunglasses Hollywood has ever seen.
Jessica Simpson is yet another celebrity who chooses to hide behind her oversized frames. She tends to choose styles from aviators to wraparounds and everything in between. Jess opts for designer labels like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Regardless of the specific label, Jess looks hot in her designer shades.
Mary-Kate Olsen - Okay we know you've been in the media since you were like 2 months old but there's no reason to completely shelter your face from the sun. Mary-Kate's oversized sunglasses have taken over her personality. You hear more about her accessory choices than you do about up-coming movies or appearances. Mary-Kate opts for Chanel and Fendi sunglass styles, among many others.
If you're looking for a smokin' pair of oversized sunglasses there is a multitude of styles and designers to choose from. The trend is expected to continue for at least a couple more years, at which time it will probably be replaced for novelty sunglasses or something crazy like that.

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