November 6, 2008

OT: Found these Awesome Flameless Candles

Candles- It seems like anywhere you look there are candles. Most of the the time these candles are over priced. I was introduced to another candle company and I was like here it comes again. Over priced and smells that I don't care for. Was I wrong when I let Erica talk and she said,"Scentsy... safer more affordable alternative to candles: They are wickless, leadless, flameless, and smokeless - there is nothing better than that!"

There are over 80 different smells to choose from, that's right 80! They offer Plug in Warmers that are perfect for those small places that lack room for anything. Bathrooms, Laundry rooms and Mud Rooms. Then they offer Medium and Large Warmers. Every style you can think of. Clean and Classic to Country to Holiday styles.
The tarts burn by the heat of a light bulb! No open flame so there is no more worries about, did I leave the candles burning when you are shopping. Each small break of the brick burns up to 10 hours!
To get your Scenty candles and warmers Contact Erica at

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