February 15, 2010

New 2010 Sunglasses

We are so glad to announce that we are starting to get our Spring style sunglasses in! We have added a few HOT new styles but we also restocked on styles that everyone was asking about. The first new style that we got in is the popular butterfly frame sunglasses; you have seen this style on Paris Hilton. We have these in many colors to choose from. We also got a new Louis Vuitton style sunglasses in. They are metal frames with a nice design on the arms. This style is great for men and women.
Now you are asking what styles did we get back in stock? Our most popular style; yes the Coach inspired Dragonfly sunglasses. We got them back in all colors: black, brown and white. This style will not stay in stock for long so do not miss out on them this time around. We also got back one of our most popular men's sunglasses; the Oakley inspired metal sport. We did not have these in stock for more than a few days before we ran out. They have been out of stock for more than six months. So don't miss out on these either.
We did get some kids sunglasses in too!!! To many to talk about. Go to our website QT SUNGLASSES to check out the hottest new styles for 2010


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