March 26, 2009

Celebrities Wearing Sunglasses

Famous people are sure to know the true value of designer sunglasses. Either to conceal the effects of a late night out or to go unnoticed along the street, a pair of good sunglasses is completely indispensable. We have watched many trends changing, but this one can hardly fade away and a pair of sunglasses will remain as necessary as it is now for sure.

As the summer approaches, people start looking for their own, exclusive sunglasses. As it usually happens, famous people are on the forefront of sunglasses fashion. Sometimes it seems to be the best pastime – to observe the fashion trends followed by celebrities. This time big sunglasses seem to be all the rage for the ladies.

For example, Carmen Electra, one of the most stylish women in entertainment industry, was seen wearing really oversized sunglasses, which made her look extremely glamorous. Maybe, it is impossible to bear her reality television show, but her glasses are irresistible.

Catherine Zeta-Jones may be especially fond of old, conventional actors but her sense for fashion changes is as fresh as a spring flower. She was also noticed wearing extremely fashionable D&G sunglasses with their logo designed into the arms of the glasses. The shades are large, bold, and gorgeous!

One more example of a fashionable woman with a stunning fashion sense is Heidi Klum. She was brave enough to wear a classic pair of Aviator shades, which was absolutely amazing.

Speaking of the girls who like to party we cannot but mention Paris Hilton, who is admired by those who follow the recent fashion trends. I believe that she can hardly be thought about as a great actress or an outstanding singer, but she really presides over the fashion world. She was also spotted having a pair of the new Oakley glasses on, designed exclusively for women.

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