October 13, 2008

Shutter Shades - Flashback to the 80s - Why Are They So Popular?

Do you find yourself asking why are Shutter Shades so popular? This style has been extremely popular since Kanye West first performed his video "Stronger". In this video he wears white shutter shades. This particular pair of sunglasses have a horizontal full shutter shade style, which are very popular, but there are many styles which are also growing in popularity. You can get them in glow in the dark, half horizontal, half vertical, half horizontal and half vertical, and you can even them with horizontal shutters on the top and the bottom leaving the middle open. These Stunna Shades are offered in many different colors with white, red and black being the most popular. The Glow in the Dark sunglassses have become quite the hip thing to wear when clubbing, especially in the big inner cities. Imagine the only thing others can see when looking at you are your big glow in the dark shades. What a fashion trend!

Shutter Shades have become very popular with more and more fashionable celebrities including Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, and even Dooniebaby from the hip hop group Federation. As more and more celebrities fashion this trend, they become even more popular, if that's possible. The great thing about Shutter Shades, they come in many different colors and styles, which only means if you like to follow the trend this makes it easy to do. You can pick out your favorite color and your favorite style and fit right in! These sunglasses can be found in blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black, glow in the dark, hot pink, red, and even USA pattern.

Some people think Shutter Shades are ridiculous and do not understand this fashion trend. This fashion trend of course is most popular with the teenagers and young adults and are worn for fun and to be hip. Young people are always trying to be hip, what many call trendy, and will wear Shutter Shades for as long as the fad last. It's just like bell bottoms coming in and out, it's a fad and will slowly fade.

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andi said...

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