January 20, 2008

Summer Sunglass Trends

This summer trend is the BIGGER, the BETTER, and BOLD. You want to step out and want to make a BOLD statement with your glasses. There are going to be four must have glasses for the Summer of 2008. These trends are a little different from the past but not to far off from the Winter 2007.

Big Oversize: This style is over the top,this is the style you always your favorite celebrities wearing. This statement is bold and tell everyone you are here.

Color: WHITE framed sunglasses. The shape will not matter square or circle. The color is your statement.

Bligged Out: Rhinestones are a must as well this year. Don't go cray with the a elabright design. You want just enough going down the arms and/or around the frame in a random fashion.

Classic Aviator: These are what you see pilots where along with police departments.

Many fashion experts agree, no matter what sun glass trend you choose, wearing them with confidence is the key.

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