January 19, 2008

Style Cafe Moms

Style Cafe Moms is a great website for moms who are looking for what Hot and Trendy now. Style Cafe is ran by two Trendy moms who believe that being a Mom does not have to
mean compromising who you are!
Becky Owner of Interior Style Home, a home shopping boutique, where you can find beautiful, one of kind home accents, that will last a lifetime. Kimberly owner of Style Network Cafe, a unique shopping cafe for the fashion conscious, where you can find the hippest items around.
They came together and create Style Cafe Moms, a blend of fashion and home trends so moms of today can stay on top of the newest hoteset must haves.
Check out Style Cafe Moms to find out what Hot and Trendy for the moms of today!

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